Development of alternative energy from
the heat stored in the atmosphere while contributing to the environment

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My name is Joseph Einhorn, born in 1956 and I am the developer of a system that generate energy from the heat stored in earth Atmosphere .
My education as a practical  engineering in electricity and I was involved in number of aircraft development projects and robotics.
By the end of the seventies of the last century when I served as a technician in Israeli Air Force was planted in me the idea to extract energy from the heat stored in the atmosphere due to the familiarity I had with air conditioning systems.
So the idea was shelved since convinced me that it would not be economic and possibly some will be disturbed due of ​​economic interest.
In recent years, I try to break with the idea forward and I walked a long way on my own.
I       got to the stage where I can not move on without the funding that is not in my pocket.
This is the stage of initial prototyping system which will be exemplified and abilities.
Since this is my opinion until it's developing a product that can be marketed will be about five to six years, potential investors are not enthusiastic about the subject they want results fast and now.
Most investments today in the energy market are actually the energy of yesterday, still investing energy fossil includes gas which consider Savior interim, investors solar energy developed and its foundations were already more than seventy years, wind energy and water flow developed even earlier and atomic energy for all its flaws.
All new ideas are pushed aside and investments do not come to them as it should.
The system I propose has tremendous potential to provide a solution for almost all the global energy market is unlimited, this system can convert the potential energy stored in the cloud where the Earth (air) into electrical energy or mechanical.
The system is its energy is available throughout all hours of the day and all year round without the need to store energy, it can be a little personal, home, building, factory and power plant to generate electricity.
Byproduct of the system can be used to merge structures or cooling systems will be integrated with the system and created additional savings and considerable energy.
More open system can be combined in various transportation, auto Imagine not needing refueling or battery charging, no need for batteries, media limited his travel and the energy it consumes is getting the heat stored in the air.
I decided to appeal to all and every one to help me through the critical phase of funding prototypes and conducting experiments to prove the ability to be honest with myself and who will be willing to spend his own money to try and implement a genuine and future energy sector in the country and the world and sterilize the subject of energy from the map conflicts in the world, all who invest their money in developing certificate will recognized on investment and build a cumulative score of the investment and the investment will be translated into percentages of control development.
Open during all those who invested personal attention will explain the system (as much as possible without exposing secrets), where the open stands and what the use of funds carried out, in order to see you Partners.
Fundraising is directed to all people from the community over the age of 18 years and not just for money and therefore lower threshold will be 50 , in order to really turn to the public and not just to capital (sometimes the smallest donation has moral value higher given who the donor and ability).
I'd love to get your investment for the future of the energy sector in the country and make our country a global energy center for the environment in the country and abroad.
Such developments are the only option today for energy without using fossil energy, more the need to use nuclear energy, above all benefit the environment, reduce energy costs, moderate the temperature rise of the planet (which causes the destruction of living space) if the situation deteriorates vulnerable populations including various earth person.

Finally it is possible to produce a real alternative energy without pollution and lower costs up to ten percent of the cost of fossil electricity.

Solution that can address all Cimat world energy problems.

Heat energy generation would live cloud where the earth meets the human need for energy imports is available regardless of the various energy fuels or nuclear energy,

This is a system that consumes large land resources and to minimize it There are also indoor.

The system can give a personal response to, building, plant, power plant and in the future will be given different transport tends to disintegrate down to the vehicle without the need for refueling and dependent on the energy of all kinds.

The system is currently in the stage of raising funds to build an initial prototype to prove the capability and performance trials.
Anyone who wants to be a partner and help may call the published open practice.

Every one ho interest please contact us via: @
 052-2339504 - בניית אתרים בחינם